Valerie Finnis in World of Interiors

I've blogged a gazillion times about my love for World of Interiors and the article in April's edition about celebrated horticulturalist Valerie Finnis pretty much epitomizes my fondness for this publication.

Magazines usually cultivate want. But WoI is not necessarily about wanting to live in these spaces, or even about replicating their look. These amazing images inspire me in a deeper, more pervasive way; to be brazenly self-expressive and trust that style and beauty will come of that.

"Snug with a Pug and a Trug" from World of Interiors, April 2009
Photographed by Jan Baldwin


  1. I just saw these on Martha's blog I think it was. I really need to buy this issue. These are just amazing. I agree about how the magazine motivates as well. I love that it's more about inspiring than having. That's actually one thing I didn't like about Domino. Sometimes I actually got nauseated looking through it with all the products, products products!

  2. These are truly inspriring and I love your phrase "brazenly self-expressive"! What a wonderful expression! I strive for that as well... Hope you have a lovely week!

  3. Oh, I've been a World of Interiors addict for many years now too! I love how they give equal care and attention to anything with character, from the tiniest treehouse to the grandest palace ... it's about the personality of interiors, really ...



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