Kitchen inspiration - take 2

You may have wondered if I was just all talk on the mini kitchen makeover? Yes and no! When you're a renter, the tendency is to proceed very slowly when making an investment in the space. Not to mention, in tight quarters, any project is going to be fierce disruptive, so needs to be timed and planned impeccably.

The original plan really relied on new floor tiles to inject personality and the cement tile I chose were completely on trend and would look great transitioning from the oak hardwood in the rest of my place. The problem is that tiling a floor is a huge investment (in practically every sense). Instead, I've decided to lead with paint, which is far cheaper and a job I can confidently do myself.

I've always loved sage green kitchens from Plain English - and this Devol kitchen has been in my inspiration folder for yonks, so that's a natural place for me to go. And I was doubly inspired by this kitchen over on Smitten Studio, which I'm shamelessly plundering for ideas. The brass hardware is the only on-trend decision I'm making, but I found a super affordable version at Home Depot so even if I hate 'em two year from now, I'll be okay about it.

This leaves countertops: Butcher block is still a compelling (read: very affordable) option. But I'm going to first investigate some marble alternatives. I found this great post on Studio McGee (a blog I've found so many useful posts on lately!) so have some research to do.

And what about the floors? Cheap again: I'm going to try an outdoor rug. They're made from polypropylene, so are very durable and washable -- ideal for a kitchen. I'm hoping this turns out to be a rental friendly option that I can live with (if not, no harm). Finally, to finish it off, plants galore, a shiny light fixture and warm wood accessories I already own to add dimension of warmth. I have to say, I'm feeling this scheme a lot more and - pending countertops - am a go on this!

Products: Hanging planter | Light | Marble | Paint: Pointing & Mizzle | Hardware | Rug | Walnut Slab | Mill
Photos: Plain English | Devol Kitchens | Sarah Sherman Samuel for Smitten Studio

Sunday best: Classics, updated

It's hard to argue with the classics: blue jeans, white shirts. Lately, I've been feeling pearl jewelry in a big way (which is lovely, since pearls are my birthstone). But, you know, I haven't gone twinset brigade on you. A glimpse of lingerie, some relaxed accessories keep the country club at arm's length.

It's really feeling like the end of summer now. The squirrels have started their squirrelly busy-work. I walked home wondering how they know the change in season from a break in the weather. But I shouldn't wonder, because I know it too in my own animal way. The smell of the sun, the blue of the night sky; the shift is palpable.

Last night's supermoon was very weighty for me. This has been an important summer for me, a great one even. And last night's moon made me rededicate to all the good choices I've made, to not lose sight of the real priorities. Perhaps that's why classics are on my mind too. No need to be chasing flimsy distractions...

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I've been all amped up this week with new ideas and ants in my pants to change a bunch of things. There's a scene in an old episode of Father Ted where Ted & Dougal have to clean the house themselves and they stand up all throwing shapes and punching the air, but don't know how to start -- and that's sort of how I feel: I'm full of gusto, but I'm not quite equipped to get going yet.

For instance, things are getting pretty desperate in the ole wardrobe: Everything is suddenly too big for me and, while I'm happy about that, I'm having a hard time separating wants versus needs. ( I suppose knickers and jeans that don't feel like nappies would be a good place to start. Ugh, but I really want to buy a pretty hat!!) And I'm in a similar space with my apartment; I finally have clear ideas about things I want to do, but am now coming to grips with practical realities and pacing.

You know, you work so hard to get to a place where you're emotionally ready to make a bunch of decisions and then you realize, oh it's not just about my emotional readiness. I need to save money and think about practical things and all that. And I know this is basic being-a-grownup stuff, but sometimes I'm just impatient and want to do everything at once (yes, I have my Veruca Salt moments, don't we all?!)

But the weekend is here and that's always a good time to settle down and have a glass of wine (or a smoothie treat!), enjoy the end of summer and calm my scrappy zeal.

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